Why use a wedding planner?


Why use a wedding planner?

Whether your wedding is taking place in a castle with 200 guests, or on an intimate beach with only your closest loved ones, it is always a good idea to hire a wedding planner. Here are our top reasons why:

1. A wedding planner will have reliable and trusted contacts at their fingertips, from florists and venues to photographers, hairdressers, make up artists and musicians. Even the dry cleaners to iron your dress will be sourced from the very best.

2. You’ll have someone on the ground that you can trust. Your planner can help with things that need be tested and approved—like site inspections, measurements, and fresh flower arrangements.

3. You are likely to get better service if your planner has been a long-term client of a hotel, florist or photographer.

4. A wedding planner will keep an eye on situations that might affect your day—anything from weather, best transport timetables and options, road closures, local festivals or events.

5. Your wedding planner will take care of all the last minute hiccups, leaving you and your relatives to get on with enjoying your day.

6. If you are getting married abroad, your wedding planner can provide a translation service—either themselves or through an interpreter—to avoid the stress and confusion caused by language barriers.

7. Using a planner will ensure that your wedding observes local rules, regulations and codes of conduct. Can you release fireworks at your chosen venue? Or wear a deep cut dress to church? Your wedding planner will know the answers.

8. Getting a marriage license can involve a lot of complex administration, especially if you get married abroad. A wedding planner can get documents stamped, signed, translated and delivered to you, without passing on the stress.

9. Hiring a wedding planner won’t break the bank. You pay the same fees to service providers as you would if you booked it yourself, and you will only pay the wedding planner for her time.

In short, everybody works harder and everything goes a lot smoother when there is a wedding planner around!



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