Julie & Tono 20.21.22 September 2013

“Julie & Tono 20.21.22 September 2013”

 Last week I  had the pleasure to plan an amazing wedding in my beautiful Florence.

150 people attended this wedding, from Spain, England, México, Denmark, Russia…..

 Julie & Tono and their guests  feel as if they have been swept up into a fairy tale.

Their wedding was a labor of love, with family members and friends contributing to nearly every element of their day. It was an amazing  wedding weekend.

On friday

all the guests attended the Welcome Party: the venue was an amazing terrace with the view on Florence. Then the party go on in one of the most famous Club in Florence, very close to Ponte Vecchio.


On saturday: the Wedding

the Castle was the perfect venue for a fairy tale.

Ivory, pink salmon & green the color,

music a Soprano at the ceremony

the perfect voice of a star during dinner, an amazing Tenore…..

…..perfect lights…..


a heart shape wedding cake

wedding gift: shoes for all the guests –  black smoking shoes for men and lovely pink ballerinas with  swarovsky ribbon for woman!

The bride & groom party all night long with their friends!

It was a stunning day….I was completely in love with J&T!


On Sunday: a perfetc Tuscan Wedding Brunch.

Paglietta hat for men, white umbrellas and flower wreath for  women…..the frame was a stunning venue on the Arno river under the Ponte Vecchio.

Slice of Orange and Lime Marinated Salmon

With small exhibition of bread

Tomato Bruschetta

Scrambled eggs with bacon and side dishes

Tomato Pappa

Fruit tarts

Cascade of fresh fruit

Assorted croissant (cream, chocolate, marmalade…)

Assorted Muffin

The perfect happy ending for a fairy tale wedding weekend!

I would like to thank you all my TEAM! 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Julie & Tono

20.21.22 September 2013

And finally… I just wanted to emphasize how HAPPY we have been with your services all this time…

You have made us have the most memorable, perfect, stunning, fantastic wedding. Since we started working with you, you fulfilled every wish we had, you have been dedicated to us 100 percent and made the whole planning a lot easier. We have also been very happy with all the suppliers you found for us

The flower designer fulfilled our wishes and made the most beautiful flowers propositions

The food was fantastic (even though I did not have much time to try it, but everyone else told me everything was amazing), the set-up was stunning,

The lightning and the music was wonderful. And the Tenore was a true star. Everyone has talked about him as one of the highlights of the evening. His music was something out of this world.

All were absolutely fantastic venues and if we did it all over again, I would chose the same 3 once more.

The hair and make-up she did on Saturday was exactly what I had dreamt off. I loved it.

 I am still receiving emails and message from all the guests, and everyone is talking about how magical the weekend was, and especially how everything was just so well planned and worked out perfectly.

Thank you for a wonderful wedding, everyone has talked about how fantastic and beautiful it was.

Thank you once more!

Julie & Tono

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Julie & Tono

20.21.22 September 2013

Congratulations on Julie’s wedding! It was spectacular!

It was a dream come true for her and all of us who love her.The most magical wedding I have ever been! You can feel very proud with your work.

A big hug…..




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