Wedding Review

Dear Gaia,

Good afternoon……

J. and I wanted to thank you for all your efforts and work over the past few months, helping us create the wedding of a lifetime!

Through challenging moments, but also funny times it was definitely an interesting journey and we hope you also enjoyed most of it as we did.

There were stressful moments (but I guess in a wedding this is normal!) but both J. and I had a great time in the week before and during the days of the wedding. The locations were magical and so were the decorations and small details – many people told us it was the best wedding they have ever been to, but most importantly we had a great time and will never forget it! The chance to have our closest friends and family was something truly special and the events ran smoothly.

J. and I think you are a very likeable, hard working and professional person and will be recommending you to anyone that will want to get married in Tuscany. We were happy to have chosen you as our wedding planner and hope you enjoyed organising this special day with us.

We will send you some pictures once we receive them, but in the meantime we wanted to say thank you and hope you have a couple of days to relax!

All the best and let’s stay in touch.




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