The New Wedding Trends for 2017: Greenery

The new year brings new ideas for all things wedding, from invitations to flowers, cocktails to cake..

Today’s Bride & Groom want a wedding that will blow their guests away, and one of the key elements to an unforgettable event is the choice of venue and Tuscany is filled by amazing and stunning locations.


Once you have your surprise settings we can start the fairy tale thinking on flowers, these pretty petals are more than simply lovely to look at — they’re memory makers.

Peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias and other “soft-petal” blooms are the top-requested flowers by brides.

Suspended installations make for some seriously gorgeous wedding décor, with  flowers or fresh greenery. They add some serious wow factor to your reception.

This year we can say “greenery” (#15-0343), that’s the 2017 wedding color, which symbolizes a reconnection with nature.

It’s the color of nature, which means by surrounding yourself with it, you’ll feel one with nature, even in fashion we can find it.

Let’s start the magic! We are ready and you?


Eventi Gaia

Exclusive Wedding in Italy 



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