We cannot recommend Gaia Cinotti’s wedding planning services enough. She was an absolute

angel. We were left in a lurch by another wedding planner who decided to close her business,

Gaia came right in and picked up all the pieces with only 4 months left to the wedding. There

were a lot of unresolved issues which Gaia managed to solve it all for us.

She is extremely creative, patient and hardworking. She also has impeccable taste and true eye

for details. She has given us so many valuable input along the way. Gaia also understands the

stress that a couple goes through during the planning process and is very good at helping to

handle the stress and calming us down.

Gaia goes the extra mile for her clients too, a great example will be how she helped us source

for items to put together wonderful welcome packs for our guests, and she also dropped the

welcome packs off at each guests hotels! We wouldn’t have been able do that without her,

seeing that it was a destination wedding and we live in England. Also, she planned a beautiful

gelato party the evening before our wedding for all our guests at the best gelataria in Florence.

She arranged for a great menu and package deal with the gelataria, our guests are still gushing

about it till today. That to us, shows she has true passion and dedication for her work.

Because of her hard work, we have a stress-free day on our wedding and  beautiful memory to

last us a lifetime.

If you are planning a wedding or event in Italy, you HAVE TO look up Gaia Cinotti.

Greg & Wendy 

Married in Florence on 21st Apr 2012.

❤š ›

“Dear Gaia, thank you so much for helping us in our special day. It was a special day for

everybody and you creat a magical atmosphere for us and our guests. Thank you


Married in Florence on July 4th, 2011 

 “Dear Gaia, thank you so very much for helping to make our day possible. It couldn’t have beendone without all your hard work & I will be forever greatful.With many thank”
Married in Florence on August 17th, 2011 

“Gaia thank you soooooo much for everything. The set up, flowers, musicians, cake, flow … Etc

everything was so lovely!!!! We are so grateful for your help in creating these unforgettable

memories for us



“For our Fabolous Wedding Planner: Dearest Gaia Happy Birthday, this is a small taken of

appreciation from us, for your patience and help througout our wedding journey! Best regards”

Greg & Wendy  

April Married in Florence on  21st, 2012 

“Gaia we wanted to thank you for the very beautiful wedding at the Villa…we think everything

went well and the guests were very happy….Thank you”


Married in Florence on May 17th, 2012 


“Dear Gaia, thank you so much for your help and advice througout the process of the wedding.

You really have been my fairy godmother! Best wishes for the future”


Married in Florence on  June 6th, 2012 

Eventi Gaia is a fabulous service for anyone wanting a super special day. Run by Gaia she is

highly organised, creative and extremely lovely to deal with. Even if your event isn’t in Florence,

fly her to you as she will make your event a night to remember. Highly recommended.”


Married in Florence on September 1st, 2012 


“Dear Gaia

Thanks again for organising such a wonderful wedding for my daughter and coping so well with

the last minute weather hitches!”

Klaus – September 2012







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